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Values Analysis [RSA]
Minessence Group - Pioneering the Development & Support of Values Technologies Quick Links

We are world leaders in the development of technologies to support values-based personal, relational, team, organisational and societal development.

The flagship product we developed is the AVI —A Values Inventory, used by leading organisations around the globe. The AVI is part of the Minessence Values Framework [MVF].

In 2014 we initiated the creation of the Minessence International Cooperative Ltd whose charter is too work together through values-centric processes for the benefit of society through:

  1. Being a professional organization for Values Consultants—i.e. people accredited to use the AVI, and other MVF-based APPs, with others;
  2. Fostering the development and mutual understanding of a language of values in society;
  3. Instigating and coordinating leading-edge values-centric projects to develop people, organizations, and communities;
  4. Providing a low cost, easily accessible infrastructure [the Minessence Values Framework], to facilitate values learning; and
  5. Functioning as a financially sound, socially responsible cooperative.
Organisational transformation happens through individual transformation. Consider what makes an individual grow? Invariably, individuals grow through learning. Make learning your highest organisational priority. Instead of asking: “What did I do today?” ask: “What did I learn to do differently today?” When every employee asks this question, an organisation will spontaneously transform itself. Transformational leadership is not about one leader among many but about many leaders who act toward one purpose. In a transformed organisation leaders do not lead followers, they lead leaders. [Karynne Courts]

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